We often come across gibberish and telltales playing in our head consciously or subconsciously. Would there be any effects ? Yeah, definitely because every thing bores consequences and every action has an equal and an opposite reaction, as put forth by ISSAC NEWTON, which I believe could be applied to the mind as well.

Worry, trepidation, disconcertion are build-up negativity in our mind. They seem to appear and then vanish as soon as the self-possessed emotions take a pause but they also return within no time as a habit. This reasons for our dis-contentment in the long run. No matter how delightful a situation is, a voice in our head rings uncalled bells stating something bad might happen; how come everything is going on smoothly, come on there has to be a blunder or a hurdle.

It happens with everyone and is very usual, but still it implies diffidence. People argue that predictions and precautions plays a pretty huge deal in practical affairs, and it is cent percent true, but no where it is mentioned to imagine awful incidents happening to us. Feeding negativity or worse, letting the mind control us is also a pretty huge deal. Living in the present moment along with controlling the mind, eliminates imaginary fears and tribulations.

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Life is simple, life situations come and go, few pour bundles of joy, few bring trails and few are filled with melancholy. Acceptance makes them beautiful and our mind contented. This way our body releases positive vibes, and trashes away self-built mind slideshow.

That is why, the feast continues in a contended mind.


The most accurate quote: Prevention is better than cure.

This widely popular saying, stresses the need to develop foresight in life, which could be applicable in any aspect of our living. Of course, there could be few circumstances approaching unbeknownst in our direction at any better hour; still wearing a protective gear is advisable while riding a bike.

Truth to be told, right now, no living human ever experienced a deadly pandemic, it is an overwhelming pressure on all of us. We can’t get rid of the trepidation of getting struck in virus’s paws but technically we can slip away.

The social norms call forth on every responsible citizen/human seems abundant or constraint. But again, staying out of fire is preferable to mitigating the fire. Health workers, sanitation workers, public officers, food suppliers are true saviours in the bad times, the only task assigned to common people like us; stay away from virus. By now we are pretty familiar with the new normal norms, and for starters protecting ourselves and family is the primary priority. We would be doing a huge favour by staying out of league from virus. lest the last person in the world gets vaccinated we can’t take any chances.

Furthermore, we are learning a prodigious lesson, that stays on for generations and generations. Perseverance is remedy to prevent, paramedical is necessary to cure. Whereas, the former comes handy. And again, the choice is ours.


The stigma of colour, remains in the veins of cliques.

Black lives matter – Every soul in every nook and corner heard of it and a larger portion are enraged with direct or indirect participation in protests.

My country India, is diverse, starting with cultures, languages, food, and yeah skin tone too. Fair, wheatish, caramel, dusky, coffee, brown, dark etcetera, generally are the reference given to the melanin possessed by a person. We Indians are unique and I take pride in this fact. Yet, there are certain factors which boils my blood (like literally).

We function in a patriarchy, though in this era women’s role is plummeting in all sectors and are succesful players moving alongside men. Astonishment arises at a brittle statement: Woman’s beauty is defined by her colour, and a prodigious fitting argument: wanting fair-looking brides. It speaks for itself that women are judged in every way possible.

Hold on for a fascinating parable….

And here it comes:

Mr. X reached matrimonial age, his mother wanted to marry off him with a suitable, fair-skinned, beautiful, bride belonging to a respected and a same caste/community family. The mother invoked these thoughts into her son’s head since he was little. And bam, Mr. X turned out the same way. He rejected tons of well-mannered, high-earning privileged daughters of the proud parents, who didn’t reach to the colour-scale expectations. Finally, they found a bride for him, I do.. I do.. told the families to each other. Bride and groom had a big-fat wedding and lead a happily ever-after life.

Many years passed by, and in the year 2020 protests against racist caucasians and white-police emerged. Surprisingly, Mr. X got engulfed with rage, he took part in the online movement #black_lives matter #say_no_to_racism #screw_racists. But deep down, he still knows that he would definetly find a “fair bride” for his son.

Heights of hypocrisy.

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It is a sensitive issue. It could be eradicated only through right-education and by knocking-off fake sympathisers. There are not many people as such, but still few people truly exist.

All lives matters.



The popular classic play, ‘ The merchant of Venice ” has few expounding scenarios. For instance, the female lead Portia, urges Shylock, the Jew to be merciful towards Antonio who fails to repay the debt. This shakespearen monologue “the quality of mercy is not strained” is one of the most enduring verses ever.

Possessing kindness is a great virtue. It may come in many forms like a gesture, a donation, a mere word coming out of mouth, understanding and respect too.

I believe respect and honour could be considered as acts of kindness. Few perceive respect as an obligation, but it really adds appraise when it makes its way through heart.

Interestingly, during this world wide lockdown, online teaching and web-room classes have proliferated. In a country like India, it was a struggle to cope up with this drastic shift, especially to elderly teachers. Most of these teachers are aliens to smart-phones, and it came as a very long road to teach through them { live recording class }. And here comes a bunch of students, who mock and insult the poor teachers, cloaking their identities. Making fun of educators has become a new trend I suppose, I wasn’t aware of it and many of us couldn’t even imagine about something that severe. My heart ached by the thought: what might those teachers have gone through taking the insults and swear words of filthy minded students. This is nobody’s fault but those knowledge seekers.

The world celebrates kindness and mercy, it is also a home to these high-school kids who actually think showing respect is out of their league. I wonder what would happen sometime in future, if they realize the seriousness of this issue, Would they mend their ways or add fuel to the existing habits ? Not sure but, I pledged myself to be compassionate and hold mercy dealing with any kind of situation or person. Because it is rightly quoted that kindness must be freely given out and it is not hard at all.

The world is bonny, our actions reflect its sanguinity or dis-dainty, the choice lies with us.



My mother once asked me to peel off a potato. And I, of course, held a peeler and was getting started. I noticed the upper part was worn out and grabbed a knife instead. Mom instantly pulled the potato from my hand and used the same peeler.

I picked a wrong tool, felt ingenious; didn’t use the right tool, and was indolent.

Workmanship depends more upon the skill of the worker rather than on the tool. Getting slackened doesn’t imply the equipment is faulty. A layman cannot be an executive and vice veca, they sure could be a pro in respective field. In addition of picking up the required skillset, to unlearn few obsolete methods is propitious. The world is a changing entity, we have been evolving since ages, and it is incessant.

We come across few querulous and nagging behaviour of people while performing any extraordinary task, whereas others would simply select an alternative tool to get over with it, like I did (not a rigorous task though), which was definitely not a legit choice. A little defect in the peeler didn’t effect it’s performance, an alternate choice of mine took me no where. Thus, I learned to appreciate things that come handy rather than replacing them.

There are certain aspects which require replacement or upgradation but yeah, knowing the right tool for right task is what it takes to accomplish the desired outcome.

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A great workman uses the right tools and is well informed of alternatives.


How come people veil themselves and drown deeper and deeper, and never wake up ?

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Creatures are designed in such a way that a simple scratch or a bombarding sound awakens the reflexes as such we act accordingly to protect our physical being. Would it take all the muscles in the body or is it the weakness which nudges people to commit suicide!

Over the globe mental health issues are surmounting, reasons are plenty. Few cope up, move ahead while others drown into the tides of sorrow, finding no hope but a full stop. We tend to surmise their state of mind but do not really get to it. It’s horrid to encounter news of any suicide as it aches our heart, we try to imagine but can’t really understand why it did happen.

Life is a tribulation tied with miracles. There is always a way, door, journey, friend awaiting for us. Leave the past and live the present, future is an unknown exciting entity which eventually becomes present as time passes. Definetly, ending the life is not an option … peace prevails after storm, there comes dawn after every night and so on metaphors and these powerful lines to keep us in pace. We may not endeavor every possible day but we sure can live every counting day to it’s fullest.

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I feel it takes guts to kill one’s self.. we can have that same courage to live everyday to it’s fullest.


Presently, the world is in chaos with pandemic and economic recession. Million of lives are on stake and people across the globe are quarantined. Wonderstruck when nature started to heal whilst humans are stuck indoors. This confinement not only projected to break the chain of virus-spread but also plying the sanative of environment. During the months of April and May, we could see and hear about wild-animals roaming on streets and decrease in green-house gas emissions as well, this scenario sounded like world without homosapiens view.

Bio-sphere is tending to glow without any poisonous pollution and toxic fillings. Other living creatures are in bliss as there are no humans around to terrify and poke their ordinary sustenance.

Today, the world stands at 7.8 billion population, the collective energy of each individual could modify the mother earth from beneath. A microscopic virus has shaken our spines to the core, imagine what could happen when nature as a whole reacts to the unforgiving deeds of humans. We would stand no where to control the effusions. It’s high time that we grab our intellectual wisdom as such both humans and wildlife thrives on this beautiful planet.

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A ray of light is sufficient to guide us into the street of darkness. Similarly, a simple plan or little amendments in our day to day activities would make a difference on this planet.

Bliss. #covid19 #nature #earth #planet


I have always been a fan of proverbs and idioms, and the one proverb that inspired me to focus on true personality of others is – don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

During my high school days, a new language teacher was appointed to teach us TELUGU {a south indian language} and the very moment the teacher entered the class we students didn’t expect her to be a teacher, and hence none stood to wish. Nevertheless, the teacher introduced herself and my mind popped out a thought… How could she be a teacher … Well, my only argument was the appearance. The teacher wore a pale coloured saree, with no face touch-up, or I could say, very different from my then other teachers.

The class began and I was in awe. The teacher’s proficiency, pronunciation, delivery of lecture startled me and slapped in my face. Just in the course of 15 minutes, my opinion on the teacher changed drastically like… Whoa, the best language teacher ever. Honestly this opinion remained the same for a whole year of her tenure because she was the best language teacher ever.

This incident taught me a great lesson. From that day onwards I pledged myself to never make an opinion on people without completely knowing them or by mere looks of their’s. Trust me, it was a true growth as I always look forward to see the good things in people. We tend to focus on outer-appearance when it is not the criteria to judge a personality. Of course, self gromming holds a top place in my list. But then everyone is unique and has their own way around to present themselves.

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Life is too short to judge but long enough to happily socialize. Avoid negative people but then remember that what is 6 to you might be 9 to others.



All around the world, there are few common issues each country faces. The biggest and deadliest one is DEFORESTATION. Clearing trees for urbanisation, industrialization, grazing has alarmingly effected our natural habitat (both mankind and wildlife). But, we can always replace those fallen tress by planting saplings anywhere possible. We belong to this planet, hence we are obliged to take care of it in anyway possible.                                       

Recently, I planted 3 saplings in my front-yard. Surely, it was amazing.



Earlier this month I watched Joaquin Phoenix starrer JOKER. I was glued to the screen the whole time and eventually it brought dew in my eyes. The insanity of Arthur (Phoenix) would awaken the sanity in the minds of society. Discrimination and bullying is running among us since ages, which doesn’t bring any good at all. I got to see a deep and intense structure of THE JOKER that made me gasp in awe.

Below is a piece that would portray the state of Arthur in my words.

I am sick of this world, they taunt me if I put a brave face. Need not save my face, I breathe in more humiliation and less oxygen. My disorder wouldn’t let me put on a straight face. I run in an order less life. Every nerve in my body blows in my face and I collapse even before climbing the first staircase. My existence is a lie, I am a joke. Hope, faith and humanity are dead bodies. I get pleasure in slaying the fallen one’s. And then, I woke up in NIRVANA, extort my own drama, end of the effing world and mimick standing in the edge. I am JOKER and have a POKER FACE

For me, the most disheartening incident in the movie was Murray (television comedy personality) who Arthur considers as his idol, makes fun of Arthur in his show. It was quite painful. Over all it was an amazing experience watching the movie.